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Welcome To Our Church

Our church is regarded as an oasis of healing, restoration and transformation of the lost and hurting people of God, who for a long time have been under the yoke of curses, witchcraft, stagnation, ancestral spirits and other evils brought by Satan.

We serve a multi-cultural community of people from all walks of life, delivering them to the Lord Jesus for a new journey of faith.

All of God’s people are welcome through our doors, no matter their position in society, financial standing or cultural background; ours is a Ministry for all Nations. Whether you live here or are visiting, we look forward to welcoming you at Jesus Winner Ministry Church.In the meantime, to stay in touch and up to date with all the events in our calendar or for a date to worship with us, please contact us.

Join us on Sunday at 7:00am for morning devotion, heartfelt worship, moving testimonies, biblical teaching and fellowship. Join us as we offer praise and worship to the King of Kings-Jehovah God.

Church Service Times :- Sunday at 7:00am to 3:00pm – Tuesday at 7:00am to 3:00pm – Wednesday at 7:00am to 3:00pm

Church Service Programme :- Adults & Youth – All services – Sunday School – Sunday 10am – 12pm – Needy – Charitable donation & Crusades

Upcoming Events

  • Sun

    Sunday Services

    Time: 8:00am   Location: Church
    Time: 8:00am  
    Location: Church
    Miracle Service
  • Tue

    Tuesday Service

    Time: 9:00am   Location: Main Church
    Time: 9:00am  
    Location: Main Church
    Miracle Service
  • Wed

    Wednesday Service

    Time: 9:00am   Location: Church
    Time: 9:00am  
    Location: Church